• Course Levels

  • What course levels are there?

    There are many different course levels for juniors, adults, as well as 'Parent and Child'. If you are unsure which level you or your child should be on, please contact the Swim School team at yoru local centre.

    Each level is continually assessed against the Amateur Swimming Association's (ASA) Learn to Swim Pathway. This is a nationally recognised standard for the teaching of swimming.

    To move onto the next stage each student is required to pass all the appropriate criteria. After completing each level all students will have the opportunity of purchasing a badge and certificate in recognition their achievements.

    1) Parent and Baby
    2) Parent and Toddler
    Note: some centres will combine 1 & 2 depending on numbers and demand
    3) Pre-School One
    4) Pre-School Two
    Note: some centres will combine Pre-School One and Pre-School Two depending on numbers and demand
    5) Stage 1
    6) Stage 2
    7) Stage 3
    8) Stage 4
    9) Stage 5
    10) Stage 6
    11) Stage 7
    12) Stage 8
    13) Stage 9
    14) Stage 10
    Note: Stage classes can be combined
    Note: Some centre will also be offering:
    1) Diving
    2) Rookie Lifeguard
    3) Synchronised Swimming

  • Lessons for Children

  • Under 5 years?

    The Learn to Swim Pathway starts with FOUNDATION a programme for developing early years water confidence encouraged through sessions such as 'Parent and Baby', 'Parent and Toddler' and 'Pre-School'. The emphasis is on the development of basic skills and an introduction to water and the swimming environment through fun and games.

    • Parent and Baby (upto 18 month)
    • Parent and Toddler (18 months - 3 years)
    • Pre-School Classes (3-5 years)

    Please note: the age ranges for the classes are a guide only. Children will be put into the best class for their ability. This is generally with children of similar age.

    We will continually access the children and recommend which class they should be in to help them progress with their swimming ability.

    Sometimes other children need to stay in classes with their parents for longer, while other are happy to progress into classes independently. We will always aim to ensure that the child is in the best class for them.

    For Parent and Baby and Parent and Toddler swimming an adult is required to be in the water for lesson. (this does not need to be the parent of the child, but the adult must take full responsibility for the child).

  • Learn to Swim Pathway Stages 1-10

    The Learn to Swim Pathway goes on to set out stages of learning from 1-7 that teach students FUNDAMENTAL MOVEMENT SKILLS from basic water safety at stage 1 to developing a quality stroke technique for 100 metres at stage 7. Whilst our swimming lessons are open to people of all ages, these 7 stages have been developed by the ASA with an emphasis on learning through fun.

    Stages 8-10 are more specialist development classes to progress the swimmers ability further.

    At some centres these classes are delivered by the local swimming club.

  • Lessons for Adults

  • What lessons are available for adults?

    We offer lessons for adult beginners and improvers.

    • Beginner classes are for non-swimmers with little or no water confidence, aiming to improve confidence in the water and swimming front and back crawl.
    • Improver classes develop technique on front and back with further focus on different strokes and improving stamina.
    • Advanced classes help the swimmer to really develop their ability in the water.
    • Some centres will also offer Women Only Swimming Lessons and 50+ Swimming Lessons.
  • One to One Sessions

  • Do you do one to one sessions?

    We offer One to One swimming lessons for both adults and juniors. All lessons are taught by one of our experienced Swimming Teachers.

    Swimming lesson times are arranged on an individual basis.

    For more information,please contact the Swim School team at your local centre